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ESTONIA – 26 December

The backlash to the 22 May coup in Thailand has been negligible.  There have been protests in Bangkok, but they have been small and mostly peaceful.


The chief concern is that the generals might alter the political system to undercut supporters of Thaksin Shinawatra, the power behind the government that was ousted on 22 May who himself was deposed as prime minister in the country’s previous coup in 2006.  If Thaksin supporters turn openly hostile to the generals, they could take to the streets in large numbers.  As recently as 2010, the army killed 90 people in the heart of Bangkok in a crackdown on protests by Thaksin supporters.


For the time being, Bangkok is calm.  Traffic is flowing normally and commerce and banking are being conducted as usual.  The nightly curfew was lifted on 13 June.


Personnel may undertake routine business travel to Thailand.  But because tensions could boil over suddenly, the situation should be monitored closely.  Personnel should avoid demonstrations, and should seek indoor shelter immediately if violence erupts nearby.  Prudence dictates that personnel make preparations to remain indoors for an extended period.  Companies with offices or other facilities in the country should review, and if necessary update, contingency plans for unrest.


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